Name’s wine: IGT Venezia Giulia Bianco “Alba”
Grapes: Gewürtztraminer
Product area: Friuli Grave

The grapes are late harvested near the middle of October, and then put into small crates and then let dry for between two months.

Then they are crushed softly and slowly. The must, previously cleaned, is fermented wit a slow fermentation that takes at least two months due to a very high sugar content ( 30 / 40 g/% ).

The wine has a strong yellow – orange colour, the nose is full of rose , passion fruit with a note of hydro carbons, the mouth is plenty of the flavours that you have perceived with the nose; the wine is very fat oily, but the sweetness is balanced by a strong acidity that gives freshness to it.

Good combinations of this wine are:
With cheeses like Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Stilton, serve it at a temperature of 8°C.