Our Story

Borgo delle Oche” is the ancient name of the house block wherein the winery is located, in the medieval hamlet in Valvasone. Valvasone was known in that days as Lupi Terrae, Wolfs Land. The owners of the winery, Luisa Menini and Nicola Pittini , close together in life and work, share the same passion for their vineyard and for high quality wine making.

Their strictly family run estate and convenient size of their property, allows them to care for the vineyards in a very meticulous way, with the use of organic ways of cultivating. The aim of their activities is solely to create a high quality wine in which the primary characteristics of the autochthonous grapes come to their full advantage . Their objective is to preserve the heritage of the old grape varieties and they have replanted various ancient Friulian varieties like Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and Friulano, which have formerly been replaced by International varieties during the last decades. They grow, since 1997, the Aromatic Traminer in a red clay soil and produce with that a white still wine and a sweet one called “Alba”. Other wines they produce are: MerlotPinot Grigio, and a sparkling white wine (method Champenoise).

Our Philosophy

To understand the essence of a person or of a vital element, you must establish a dialogue between the two interlocutors, not only in words but also in act, with mutual acceptance like any normal agreement.

It is for this reason that first of all Borgo delle Oche stands for the pursuit of quality of its products, a sort of pact with a maximum of reciprocal respect between the person and the raw material.

This respect on our site expresses in the use in a conscientiously way of our resources, accepting to wait patiently for the time needed by nature, to harvest on the right moment the fruit of human labor, and also of the soil, air , water, sun and plants. All this leads to the creation of products with a certain complexity and gifted with an outspoken personality, which results in a sensation that will remain in memory and time.

Borgo delle Oche Borgo Alpi 5 33098 VALVASONE (PN) PI 01173820935